• Said Alternatives

    150+ Better Alternatives to “Said”

    English can be a beautiful language, but only if you make full use of its vast vocabulary. Yes, it is often said that there is no need to use a more complex word when a simpler alternative exists. But, here lies the paradox: employ a word too simple, and it actually can make the writing more complex. This is because such a word will contribute little to context. To amend that, you may end up using prepositions and adverbs copiously in your writing, harming its quality. Make your dialogue tags more interesting and express more with less.  Here are 150+ better alternatives to the word “said.” Emotional Variations of Said…

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    Free Online Writing Tools I Use to Stay Productive

    Who doesn’t want to be more productive: to be able to write more and better? Discipline is key when it comes to productivity, but it alone doesn’t complete the equation. Also needed are the right techniques and tools. As a writer, you are the painter of your thoughts. Refine the artwork and get to finish it faster with these free online writing tools I personally recommend. Grammarly In the eyes of internet denizens, there are few crimes as severe as a typo. Saying something highly controversial? Internet’s reaction: Based 😎 Having a typo in your sentence? Internet’s reaction: Yes, even a single typo can make an otherwise professional work looked…

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    150+ Words You Can Use Instead of Very

    Adverbs are to literature what salt is to cooking. A bit of it can really add to the flavor but overuse it, and you have yourself a result that is not at all palatable. Without argument, among the two most abused adverbs in English are ‘really’ and ‘very.’ In this article, I will present you with some far more impactful verb alternatives to really and very. Incorporate them into your writing and make it all the more flavorful.