• Various cryptocurrencies

    Different Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms Explained – The Definitive Guide

    Key to what makes blockchain secure is its decentralized nature. Before any node [participant] can add a block [set of data] to the chain, it has to be first validated by other nodes. This ensures the risk of malicious or fraudulent blocks being added to the chain is minimal. This, however, still doesn’t resolve the danger of a group hijacking the chain by creating a lot of nodes and hence increasing their chance of their block being added to the chain. To counteract this, a consensus mechanism is implemented, which demands additional commitment for a block to be validated. Here I will explain the different types of blockchain consensus mechanisms,…

  • Fernando the resume guy

    Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Gain 100,000 Monthly Website Traffic Organically

    Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, one struggle remains constant –marketing your business. No matter how strong your brand or how good your product is, without the audience knowing about it, your business isn’t going anywhere. But with a limited budget, how do you get the word across to your potential customers? Fernando Pessagno had the same question when launching his new website, resumemaker.online. Recently, his site hit an impressive milestone of 100,000 unique visitors per month and he didn’t have to pay a single dime on marketing. Here is a recap of how he managed to gain this much website traffic organically. The Start Fernando knew…

  • Alex Tew, co-founder of Calm app

    Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Get 100,000 Sign-Ups Pre-Launch

    The biggest hurdle any entrepreneur faces is gaining traction, especially at the start of their venture. With that said, unless you are well-connected, lucky, or already an authority in your niche, you will struggle to make your business grow quickly. At the time with rapid innovation, you are required to move fast and scale quickly. With money already in short supply, how do you achieve that? Well, here is one strategy Alex Tew, the co-founder of the meditation app, Calm, pursued to make his project go viral. The Story Alex Tew was venturing into a very niche market, one with already a reasonable level of business saturation. To achieve success,…