Sending email like a boss

How to Ease Workplace Email Like a Boss

Communication is key to effective workplace leadership. Because a big part of office communication takes place through email, mastering the art of writing email text is integral to your work success and that of your teammates.  Here are some recommendations to ease workplace email like a boss.


Don’t Apologize. Take Responsibility

i. Instead of

“Sorry I forgot.”


“Thanks for reminding me!”

ii. Instead of

“Sorry for messing up the order!”


“Oh, thanks for pointing this out. Let’s fix this real quick!”

iii. Instead of

“Sorry for the delay.”


“Thanks for your patience. The task is now complete.”

iv. Instead of

“Oh, I must have missed that.”


“Thanks for letting me know. Here is an updated version.”


Don’t be Bossy. Be a Leader

v. Instead of

When can I expect the task done?


What’s the progress so far?

vi. Instead of

Does that make sense


Let me know if you have any questions

vii. Instead of

I think we should


It would be best if we


Be Specific

viii. Instead of

Can I leave early?


I will need to leave for ___ at ____

ix. Instead of

Sorry, can’t come today


I am currently ____, therefore would not be able to come to work. My apologies.

x. Instead of

*Writing a mountain of text in the email*


*Pointers to lay out the main instructions and explain the details in person.*




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