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Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Gain 100,000 Monthly Website Traffic Organically

Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, one struggle remains constant –marketing your business. No matter how strong your brand or how good your product is, without the audience knowing about it, your business isn’t going anywhere.

But with a limited budget, how do you get the word across to your potential customers? Fernando Pessagno had the same question when launching his new website, resumemaker.online. Recently, his site hit an impressive milestone of 100,000 unique visitors per month and he didn’t have to pay a single dime on marketing. Here is a recap of how he managed to gain this much website traffic organically.

The Start

Fernando knew that if he wanted to grow his website traffic organically, SEO had to be a key focus. And, among the key ingredients to effective SEO is acquiring authoritative backlinks and mentions. On Day One of launch, he posted about his product on ProductHunt and it got selected as the #1 Product of the Week.

This gave him a head start, generating many backlinks, mentions, and improving his site’s credibility. From there, he got to connect with blogs in the Indie Tech scene and gained more coverage about his project.

The Essene of Story-telling

For his website to truly enjoy success, he knew it had to reach out beyond the tech community into the mainstream. He cold emailed hundreds of journalists but got little in the way of success. And so, he switched strategies.

First, he only began targeting large publications, rationalizing that once a big-name newspaper wrote about his products, others too would follow. Second, he shifted the pitch away from details about his product to his personal story and his struggles. The plan worked and he soon landed an interview with Clarin, one of the largest South American news firms. Lots of other news sites soon began echoing his story. Now, he was getting serious traffic through searches. He even managed to get ranked on the first page of Google for the term, “resume maker” – not just in his home country of Argentina but globally.

Clarín Newspaper

The Wake-Up Call

At this stage, he thought to himself that he has finally made it and could relax. Nope! Just like in any cliché sit-com, the moment one relaxes, something bad transpires. Google’s December Core Update dropped and tanked his rankings hard.

Him probably…

Fernando had been neglecting the technical side of SEO and this was the wake-up call for him to start taking that aspect seriously. He worked non-stop to completely revamp the website, from the site’s loading performance to its mobile experience. He kept tweaking the site until he could land the perfect score on Google Insights. What followed was a rebound in his site’s monthly traffic.


Word-of-mouth is among the most effective conversion streams out there. You, as a customer, are more likely to be influenced by what your family or friend recommends or shows than say some random internet advert or ‘Influencer.’

According to insights from Semrush, 88% of people had the highest level of trust in a brand when a friend or family member recommended it. Furthermore, word-of-mouth is known to generate 5 times more sales than paid ads.

To leverage this powerful marketing stream, Fernando made three implementations:

Watermark link

This made it easier for users to recommend his website to those in their circle. If anyone was interested in the resume maker, the link was there at the end of the user’s resume for them to see.

Share to Download

Besides a paid version, his website also had a free version available. However, for users to download a free resume, they had to share the link to any of the given social accounts. With 25,000 free downloads monthly at the time of this writing, imagine the social reach!


Shareable Discount Link

To further help spread the word, he added a discount link after a user had made a payment. The discount was time-limited to entice quick action on the user’s part. According to him, 70% of paid users copy the link and share it in their circles.


Ending Note

It is not just important to gain traffic but also to sustain it. Marketing is a continuous process. Fernando still has to spend hours keeping the content updated, fresh, and relevant as well as promoting it on various traffic streams. With that said, once you have the initial momentum, it becomes much easier to keep it going.

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t neglect the importance of storytelling. Remember, information alone doesn’t make people connect, there also has to be emotion.
  • Don’t compromise on the technical side of SEO. If you are not good with technical SEO, outsource it. Remember, the key to a good website SEO includes giving a good user experience.
  • Leverage word-of-mouth. We give the most weight to the words of people already close in our circle. A good way to grow your brand is to provide a stellar customer experience and to encourage those happy customers to become your brand’s ambassadors.

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