• Various cryptocurrencies

    Different Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms Explained – The Definitive Guide

    Key to what makes blockchain secure is its decentralized nature. Before any node [participant] can add a block [set of data] to the chain, it has to be first validated by other nodes. This ensures the risk of malicious or fraudulent blocks being added to the chain is minimal. This, however, still doesn’t resolve the danger of a group hijacking the chain by creating a lot of nodes and hence increasing their chance of their block being added to the chain. To counteract this, a consensus mechanism is implemented, which demands additional commitment for a block to be validated. Here I will explain the different types of blockchain consensus mechanisms,…

  • Fernando the resume guy

    Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Gain 100,000 Monthly Website Traffic Organically

    Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, one struggle remains constant –marketing your business. No matter how strong your brand or how good your product is, without the audience knowing about it, your business isn’t going anywhere. But with a limited budget, how do you get the word across to your potential customers? Fernando Pessagno had the same question when launching his new website, resumemaker.online. Recently, his site hit an impressive milestone of 100,000 unique visitors per month and he didn’t have to pay a single dime on marketing. Here is a recap of how he managed to gain this much website traffic organically. The Start Fernando knew…

  • A pocket watch stopping

    The Machine Stops – A Parable to Modern Society’s Collapse

    “No one confessed the Machine was out of hand. Year by year it was served with increased efficiency and decreased intelligence. The better a man knew his own duties upon it, the less he understood the duties of his neighbor, and in all the world there was not one who understood the monster as a whole. Those master brains had perished.”    ― E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops   One aspect of modern civilization we don’t give much thought to is how precarious it is. The COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, was a highly disruptive event and almost destabilized the world economy. Yet, had it instead transpired a century ago, it…

  • Sending email like a boss

    How to Ease Workplace Email Like a Boss

    Communication is key to effective workplace leadership. Because a big part of office communication takes place through email, mastering the art of writing email text is integral to your work success and that of your teammates.  Here are some recommendations to ease workplace email like a boss.   Don’t Apologize. Take Responsibility i. Instead of “Sorry I forgot.” Use “Thanks for reminding me!” ii. Instead of “Sorry for messing up the order!” Use “Oh, thanks for pointing this out. Let’s fix this real quick!” iii. Instead of “Sorry for the delay.” Use “Thanks for your patience. The task is now complete.” iv. Instead of “Oh, I must have missed that.”…

  • Alex Tew, co-founder of Calm app

    Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Get 100,000 Sign-Ups Pre-Launch

    The biggest hurdle any entrepreneur faces is gaining traction, especially at the start of their venture. With that said, unless you are well-connected, lucky, or already an authority in your niche, you will struggle to make your business grow quickly. At the time with rapid innovation, you are required to move fast and scale quickly. With money already in short supply, how do you achieve that? Well, here is one strategy Alex Tew, the co-founder of the meditation app, Calm, pursued to make his project go viral. The Story Alex Tew was venturing into a very niche market, one with already a reasonable level of business saturation. To achieve success,…

  • Elon Musk at a conference

    According to Elon Musk, Businesses Make Use of These Cognitive Biases to Make Billions Every Year

    Customers don’t buy products, they buy emotions. No matter how good, advanced or valuable you have a product or service on offer, if you can’t tap into the human psyche, it just won’t sell. No one knows this better than Elon Musk, billionaire genius behind Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink. If you want to make your business sell better, here are 17 biases you can make use of to take your marketing strategy to the next level.   Recommended read: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion   1. Framing Bias Take a look at the following example: A                B 2$/day        $720/year Which…

  • Said Alternatives

    150+ Better Alternatives to “Said”

    English can be a beautiful language, but only if you make full use of its vast vocabulary. Yes, it is often said that there is no need to use a more complex word when a simpler alternative exists. But, here lies the paradox: employ a word too simple, and it actually can make the writing more complex. This is because such a word will contribute little to context. To amend that, you may end up using prepositions and adverbs copiously in your writing, harming its quality. Make your dialogue tags more interesting and express more with less.  Here are 150+ better alternatives to the word “said.” Emotional Variations of Said…

  • best online writing tools

    Free Online Writing Tools I Use to Stay Productive

    Who doesn’t want to be more productive: to be able to write more and better? Discipline is key when it comes to productivity, but it alone doesn’t complete the equation. Also needed are the right techniques and tools. As a writer, you are the painter of your thoughts. Refine the artwork and get to finish it faster with these free online writing tools I personally recommend. Grammarly In the eyes of internet denizens, there are few crimes as severe as a typo. Saying something highly controversial? Internet’s reaction: Based 😎 Having a typo in your sentence? Internet’s reaction: Yes, even a single typo can make an otherwise professional work looked…

  • Writing

    150+ Words You Can Use Instead of Very

    Adverbs are to literature what salt is to cooking. A bit of it can really add to the flavor but overuse it, and you have yourself a result that is not at all palatable. Without argument, among the two most abused adverbs in English are ‘really’ and ‘very.’ In this article, I will present you with some far more impactful verb alternatives to really and very. Incorporate them into your writing and make it all the more flavorful.